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1Can your people count on you? Being inconsistent as a leader will do more harm than you could imagine. Your people rely on you to make the tough decisions. They look at your communication, they observe your actions. If your communication and actions are always inconsistent with your goals or vision, your people will stop responding. Consistency helps build trust.  


2Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Leaders who are competent have the ability to make decisions on the fly. They can get a group moving towards a common goal. Your people will look to you for the answers. Can you handle it? Competence helps build trust.


3The Law of Connection states that “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” When was the last time you stepped down into the crowd to connect with your people? If people know how much you care, you would be surprised at what they’ll produce. Connection helps build trust.  


4What you do when no one is looking defines your character. Character communicates consistency, potential and respect. Character makes trust possible and trust is the foundation of Leadership.

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