Humble Beginnings:

Leandro Fernandez was born and raised in the Bronx, a borough in NYC. He grew up in what was considered a tough neighborhood where crime and drugs were rampant and just a part of most people’s lives. He had family challenges and had friends that never made it out of the neighborhood. All of these circumstances could have stopped him but with tough love from his mother, he was able to avert a lot of the perils that surrounded him.

Leandro was able to focus on removing himself from a negative environment and achieved small successes along the way. At 22 years old, Leandro became one of the youngest leaders at one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States. At a young age, he was able to learn from those who surrounded him. Leandro evolved into the type of leader others wanted to emulate.   He was consistently recognized by his peers and superiors as a change agent.  If an environment needed to be improved or results increased, Leandro was called in to lead change.

Opportunity for Greater Change:

While spending his whole career in management and sales, Leandro learned and practiced many leadership principles. An avid student of the greats; studying the likes of Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Dr. John C. Maxwell; Leandro constantly focused on growing into a better person and a better leader. When the opportunity came to work side by side with one of his mentors, Leandro took the opportunity to become a certified coach, speaker and trainer with Dr. John C. Maxwell.

C4 Leadership Coaching, Inc was born:

Shortly after becoming certified, Leandro founded C4 Leadership Coaching Inc. The 4 C’s represent: Consistency, Competence, Connection and Character. The message behind the name really resonated with Leandro because when practiced together the 4C’s build trust; the foundation on which Leadership is built. John Maxwell says. . .Everything rises and falls on Leadership.

Leandro’s mission is: To create leaders who Consistently exemplify Competence, Connection and Character within their organizations, families and communities.

Leandro recognizes that trust is not only the foundation for leadership, it is the foundation for ALL relationships. C4 Leadership Coaching, Inc and Leandro Fernandez, will give you the tools you need to set and accomplish your goals creating an environment of Consistency, Competence, Connection and Character. This can be accomplished through workshops, retreats, seminars, webinars, coaching services, and keynote speeches.

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