If you have a small business/network marketing, the Mastermind group can help you whether you are just starting or have been doing it for years. Talking with like minded individuals that understands and see the big picture and going through the daily grind of having a small business or doing network marketing understands the challenges that you encounter. With the Mastermind group you can talk about various topics and find best practices that other individuals are using to be successful and incorporate it into your daily routine.Patrick Saint Louis – Entrepreneur

I went into the group with the sole intention of walking out a more effective manager but I walked out with a clearly defined understanding of myself as a person. You need to know who you are to be an effective leader.Amy Bianco – Director of Purchasing, Dominican College

Every entrepreneur should participate in a mastermind group, entrepreneurship gets very lonely and making decisions by yourself can be daunting. With a mastermind group you take some of the load off and are able to bounce your ideas off of like-minded folks who want to see you succeed. This group and experience is priceless!Yadira Santana-Dowling – President/CEO, Inspira CommunicationsInspira Communications

I had the pleasure of being a member of Leandro’s coaching group at the beginning of 2012. We covered several of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. During my time in the group, I was able to learn the laws and apply them to my leadership goals. I was challenged and held accountable for my goals each week. Leandro is an exceptional coach and I look forward for the opportunity to work with him again.Kyra Hatter – President, Virtually Ideal Executive ServicesVirtually Ideal Services

Leandro was very impressive in his ability to provide great insight into the principles of leadership as defined in John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” He is a highly knowledged professional and is able to deliver on objectives as promised. I was able to take the information he shared and apply it in both my own line of work as an Account Manager and also as President and Vice-President of two organizations that I belong to.Herman Pietrera – Entreprenuer

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